TikTok’s Latest Challenge Has People Making Album Covers From Their Camera Roll

The artistic nature of this challenge has attracted a lot of professional content creators.

“I was so excited because I remember making it at like 11 p.m. at night, and that’s normally not the time people are on TikTok, but I was excited to post it and I couldn’t wait until the next day,” Sheehan said.

Her TikToks are a lot of dance trends she does with her friends. When she first saw the challenge, she immediately wanted to try it, especially because it wasn’t as popular at the time.

Like many trends on TikTok, the album cover challenge has garnered some entertaining reactions. TikToker Kofie Yeboah began dueting these videos and added the caption “Would I listen to your album based on the cover.” People in the comments invariably discuss which artists these make-believe albums look like they belong to.

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