Serena Williams Stopped A Press Conference And Left The Room In Tears After Questions And Rumors About Her Retirement

“If I ever say farewell, I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

The 39-year-old legend had been continuing the quest for her 24th Grand Slam title — one that would see her equal the all-time record in tennis — but was halted for a second time by current world No. 3, Naomi Osaka.

Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

Serena first lost to Naomi in the US Open final back in 2018.

“The Aussie crowd is so amazing, so it was nice to see,” she said of the reaction to her leaving the court. When asked if it was a farewell, Serena gave a wry laugh and added, “I don’t know – if I ever say farewell, I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

However, despite seeming in good spirits when she gave the answer, seconds later Serena fought back tears and quickly put an end to the questions, tearfully saying: “I’m done.”

It’s worth noting that, for many, Serena is already regarded as the best player of all time, defying critics as her incredibly successful career continues to flourish in its fourth decade (she turned pro in 1995).

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Margaret Court, the woman who currently holds the record for Grand Slam titles, won most of them at the Australian Open (11) at a time when professional players rarely entered the draw.

Serena already holds more Grand Slam titles than any other player — including men — since the inception of the Open Era. She won her 23rd Grand Slam title while pregnant and holds the record for most prize money in the women’s game with close to $100 million (for reference, No. 2 on that list is her sister Venus, with just over $40 million in prize money). There are countless other records too. She even has a damn trophy room in her house — bigger than the average apartment no less — that still doesn’t fit them all in.

Without a doubt, she is an icon and legend of the sport, regardless of whether she clinches her 24th major or not. She’s already cemented her legacy — the rest is just a cherry on top.

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