r / worldnews – ‘Oldest Cannabis Offender’ to be 90 Years Released

He should sue for wrongful imprisonment

It’s a fucking plant … nobody should have the life of it

“While Richard DeLisi was imprisoned, many of his relatives died, including his parents, his wife and one of his sons. His daughter was seriously injured in a car accident and remains paralyzed.

The coronavirus threat spread as DeLisi’s health declined. He suffers from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and has suffered a series of mini strokes, placing him in the highest risk category if he contracts Covid-19.

As of Thursday, 421 inmates and 86 staff members had tested positive at the South Bay Correctional Center, according to the Florida Department of Corrections. Statewide, nearly 17,000 inmates have tested positive. Currently, no inmate is in medical isolation in the prison where DeLisi is being held. “

they should get it out ASAP …


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