r/worldnews – If the US doesn’t start to meaningfully help African nations, China will have a blank check to control growing African industries

The US used to have a great way around it. They would give the money to them in US products. They could only use it for purchases within the US.

So they could not just run off with the money. They told the US what they wanted with the money and the US delivered.

For instance, food was often delivered this way. They would choose which US crops they wanted and it would be delivered in bulk.

So no money actually changes hands. And the goods often come with restrictions that make it difficult to sell. Especially weapons.

Once they got them into some deal if they violated it the US would threaten to cut the cord for whatever else they needed. Was an incredibly effective way at reducing corruption.

The Bush administration basically ruined this by being so reckless. They even sent entire PALLETS of cash to Iraq that disappeared.

The US needs to return to the old system that actually worked.


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