RHA launches TrueControl wireless earbuds with ANC and wireless charging

As well as wireless charging, which is still a rarity in true wireless cases, the company has seen to include Comply Foam ear tips. There are three pairs of Comply tips in the box, as well as an additional seven pairs of RHA silicon-molded tips to help you find a perfect fit. 

In terms of the noise cancellation, you can switch between ANC and ambient noise modes with a tap, and you can customize your sound profiles from inside the companion app. The app also lets you assign controls to specific buttons and find them should they go missing inside your home. 

The full retail price of the TrueControl is $299.95, or £249.95 in its native UK, although the company is offering a fairly tasty reward if you pre-order now. Use the code FIRSTINLINE when you order, and the price will fall to $239.96, or £199.96.


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