Stadia game streaming is coming to iOS via a web app

Stadia turns one today. (Happy birthday!) To mark the occasion, Google is making a couple of notable announcements. The first is that “public iOS testing” will start “several weeks from now.” The company will be using a progressive web application, which is no surprise given Apple’s current position on game streaming services. (So-called ‘library’ apps are allowed, but streamable games must be listed individually in the App Store.) Stadia will work via Chrome and Safari on iOS, but Google recommends using the web app “as it’s full screen and some features are not possible in browser.”

It’s not the first time that Google’s game streaming service has been available on iPhones and iPads. An official Stadia application already exists on the App Store. It’s little more than a digital hub, though, for browsing the store and your existing library, checking which of your friends are online and setting up Stadia on other devices. Fans have made a number of workarounds, though, that offer similar functionality to the Android and browser-based portals. The most popular is Stadium, an unofficial app by developer Zach Knox that was pulled by Apple in October and then, following some changes, successfully relaunched in the App Store. (The app requires a bit of set up, otherwise it’s close to perfect in my opinion.)


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