r/worldnews – Gretchen Whitmer: Trump ‘inciting domestic terrorism’ with ‘Lock her up!’ rally chant

He won’t win nd from the UK is just like to say, it’s just so transparent that Trump supporters are suffering from mass hysteria / cult brain. Fight back? Trump…..relentlessly trying to undermine democracy, who lies like breathing oxygen, who committed treason, who is almost certainly a rapist , mates with a pedophile, who has spent his life conning people, not paying people , using tax payers money to bail himself out , who mocks the disabled, is racist, sexist , who commits gaffe and gaffe after gaffe, who’s handling of CV has been one of the worse in the world, who goes on narcisist rants during rallies , holy fuck the list goes on…. You’re not in the right mind set if you think this insane, dumb, deranged narcisist is the one “fighting back”.

God fucking help America.

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