Tyler Posey Said Being On OnlyFans Is “Mentally Draining” After He Was Dragged For Joining The Platform

“I just can’t pose naked and take myself seriously. … It feels stupid. I feel like an object.”

But in recent months, Tyler has taken a new and more-than-slightly controversial career tack: He made an account on OnlyFans.

People weren’t here for her apology, though. They argued that celebrities joining OnlyFans was just saturating the market and, again, providing unfair competition for the sex workers who actually need it.

See celebrities doing Onlyfans doesn’t sit right with me… Like what is the reason? You have money. You don’t need a side hustle. All you’re doing is taking away income from sex workers who actually need it. Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey, I’m talking to your greedy asses

Twitter: @thiccgiant

And it actually seems like Tyler has struggled with his presence on the platform, calling his experience “bizarre” and “mentally draining,” and saying it made him feel “like an object.”

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