The 12 Photographs That Shaped This MoMA Curator’s Career

Meister discusses when she realized she was never going to be a photographer and how it feels to “shift the stories we can tell about the history of art.”

1. Danny Lyon, “Washington,” August 28, 1963

Men clapping and marching, one with his hand in the air

Danny Lyons courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art

4. Bill Brandt, “London,” 1953

A naked woman with her arm prominently featured holds her hair

Bill Brandt courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art

“Another beloved acquisition is a suite of 10 unique photo collages by the ceaselessly inventive Josef Albers, which he likely assembled just before the Bauhaus (where he was teaching at the time) was forced to leave its Dessau campus. MoMA published a book of this work in 2016 (with this image on the cover), and I organized a small accompanying exhibition. I’m in awe of Albers’ creativity within boundaries that would (for most) squash all possibilities of original expression, whether in his better-known series of paintings and prints known as Homage to the Square or these marvelous photo collages that were never published in his lifetime.”

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