Paris Hilton Opened Up About Being “Purposefully” Humiliated In A 2007 Interview With David Letterman After An Extremely Uncomfortable Clip Resurfaced

“I was just getting so uncomfortable and I was so upset. During the commercial breaks I’d look at him like, ‘Please stop doing this.'”

Many people have revisited old interviews, pointing out how inappropriately women celebrities were questioned and treated by certain men in the media. And one person who has come up repeatedly is David Letterman.

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Hilton was ostensibly on the show to discuss her new perfume, but after Letterman asked her whether she preferred spending time in LA or New York, he then fired this question at her: “How did you like being in jail?”


For those who don’t know, Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail in 2007 after an alcohol-related reckless driving charge. In a documentary released last year, Hilton revealed that the experience was deeply traumatic after attending Provo Canyon School during her childhood, where she claims she was forced to spend time in isolation.

“Looking back on that experience, what can you tell us? What have you learned? What’s different about you?” he went on to fire at her.


A visibly uncomfortable Hilton replied: “Obviously it was a very traumatic experience, but I survived it, so now I can do anything.”

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